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The Ashlar Collection

The Ashlar Collection is an uncommon approach to an everyday challenge contractors face - complexity and waste.  Triangle Brick Company has designed a collection of brick that will reduce the complexity of adding designer accents to a clay masonry wall. This new collection is well-suited as an accent option for any brick facade; easily transitioning from gable accents to design details around windows, doors, garage openings to dressing up a front porch posts. 

The Ashlar Collection is available in three popular Triangle Brick Company colors:  Northampton, Southampton, and Bessemer Grey.  The Ashlar Collection is made in two sizes: 6” x 2 ¾ x 8 (H x W x L) and 9” x 2 ¾ x 8 (H x W x L).  The 6" size may be turned on its side to create an additional size for use in the wall.  These products will be manufactured in our Wadesboro, NC plants.  Click to contact your local sales representative for more information!






*Based on preliminary test wall results. Qty will vary based on pattern design.