Montgomery | Triangle Brick



Westland heritage.


From the Sugar and Woodlands, the Montgomery provides a subtle, yet sophisticated look. With blends of creamy white, tan, brown, and charcoal hues, this brick can be paired with creamy tones, gray, brown, and soft sage tones.  

The Montgomery can give any exterior project the ultimate appearance of worldliness and sophistication.


Brick Image: King Size | Gray Mortar | Clay County

Available Sizes:
Special Production Sizes:
Plant of Origin:
  • Clay County, TX
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Clay County, TX

180 E. Hapgood Road
Henrietta, TX 76365


Depending on the location of your project, shipping rates and times may vary. Please verify sizes and inventory available with your local sales representative.

This brick is available in the following states:
Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas

Special Production bricks are non-refundable and will require additional production time and minimum order quantity. Other restrictions may apply. Learn more here.