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2017 Small Project Awards

De Maria Pavilion | Bridgehampton, NY


The 2017 Small Project Award has been given to the De Maria Pavilion building in Bridgehampton, NY.

Designed by Gluckman Tang Architects, the De Maria Pavilion building is less than 5,000 sq ft and is one of several construction sculptures along an art walk. 

We love how the black brick gives a modern, industrial feel in the...

Fifty Shades of Green 

Consumers Want Green Design to Yield Greenbacks


We get it, not every project can be rooted in benevolence.  Project owners want to make money.  Materials distributors and manufacturers want to make money. And the end-user wants to save money.  Trying to meet everyone’s demands while building a green design or project can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. 

With the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), jobsite recycling, and the use of inherently green materials, to name a few, project...

The Most Expensive City in the World for Construction

Hint:  The Big Apple


According to the 2017 International Construction Market Study, New York is the most expensive city in the world to build.  Despite the average $354/foot for construction, New York is a vibrant market of new construction and revitalization.



At an average of $354/foot, why not make the best of your money and time?  Consider using a...

Reinstated looks, lasting traditions


A renovation of the historic Morgan Avenue subway station house for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has recently been completed by the New York City architectural and planning firm of Urbahn Architects.

Urbahn Principal Natale V. Barranco, AIA, LEED AP says that as a crucial public transportation connection for an up-and-coming Brooklyn, NY neighborhood, the renovation of the Morgan Avenue station was...

2017 AIA Housing Awards

The Lofts at Washington University | St. Louis, MO


The winner of the 2017 AIA Housing Awards in the Specialized Housing category is The Lofts at Washington University in St. Louis Missouri.

This beautiful mixed –use building was designed by...

2017 AIA Housing Award Winner

Powerhouse | Philadelphia, PA


The 2017 AIA Housing Awards in the Multifamily Housing category winner is Powerhouse, a multifamily housing building located in Philadelphia, PA. This gorgeous construction was designed by Interface Studio Architects.

We love the combination of brick, wood, glass, and metal on this building. This variety of exterior cladding gives a warm, rustic look all while providing a modern and sleek...

2017 AIA Institute Honor Award Winner in Architecture

St. Ann’s Warehouse | Brooklyn, NY


In a recent epidemic, renovating seasoned industrial locations are the new trend.

The 2017 AIA Institute Honor Award in Architecture was recently won by a location called St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn, NY. The 24,000 sq. ft. building is more than deserving of the award.

We are very excited to see the St. Ann’s Warehouse coming back to life and repurposed for mixed use. The iconic building, located under the famous Brooklyn Bridge landmark, is nearly...

Brick Universe

Lego Expo 

By: Allison Hayes, designer


On Saturday, April 8, we had the treat of attending the Brick Universe Lego Expo at the Raleigh Convention Center. 

The show consisted of several Lego displays in all shapes and sizes created by many talented artists. From skyscrapers to historical reenactments this was a one of a kind show! One of the largest displays was the USS Missouri, a large US Navy Iowa-class battleship (see below for image). 

The Architectural display was very interesting because it...

The Heartbeat of Triangle Brick


Triangle Brick would like to say thank you to our team of dedicated delivery drivers that go above and beyond to provide excellent delivery services. This amazing group is devoted to carrying out Triangle Brick’s mission with the utmost enthusiasm.  Our delivery drivers ship product to North and South Carolina as well as southern Virginia.

Last week, Triangle Brick had its annual Driver Safety Meeting. While this may be common for many companies, we pride ourselves with having exceptional delivery drivers that transport...

Triangle Brick Partners with Lennar Charlotte

Operation: Coming Home


Triangle Brick Company is proud to have the opportunity to partner with Lennar Charlotte, who partnered with Operation: Coming Home by donating our Northampton brick, from the Parkway Collection, for the construction of Operation: Coming Home...