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Introducing the Harper Creek 

New in Spring 2016!

by: Allison Hayes, designer



The Harper Creek, from the Vintage Collection, is inspired by feedback from our customers who are looking for a neutral-tone brick that will offer a look of understated elegance for any project. Classified under our exclusive Select product tier, Triangle Brick Company’s Harper Creek brick offers a rich, tumbled texture, a warm...

The Design Center

A One-of-a-Kind Design Experience

Our one-of-a-kind Design Center, in Durham, NC, is one of the best ways to experience all that Triangle Brick has to offer. We featuring brick samples from the 58 bricks that make up our exclusive Downtown, Parkway, Seaside...

Triangle Brick Company is BIM ready now offers BIM downloads!

"There are many definitions of Building Information Modelling (BIM), but it is simply the means by which everyone can understand a building through the use of a digital model. Modelling an asset in digital form enables those who interact with the building to optimise their actions, resulting in a greater whole life value for the asset" (, 2015). 

Triangle Brick Company is proud to announce a brand new feature on our website where Autodesk Revit users can...

Mortar Matters

What is Mortar?

Mortar is a compound made of cement, aggregate, pigment, and water.  When combined these materials form cement, so-to-speak, which serves as a bonding agent between two bricks; essentially holding the brick wall together.  In addition, the mortar serves as a moisture barrier, helping to prevent moisture penetration in the wall. 

Type-N and...

Mortar Joint Styles

How is mortar applied between the brick?

The most common mortar joint styles for new residential construction are grapevine and concave joints.  The mortar joint selection, just like the thread in your favorite apparel, can serve as an interesting architectural element. 

One thing to consider when selecting your style is that installation price may vary based on the mortar joint style you select. You should check with your mason or builder to ensure they can successfully lay the mortar joint style you would like and then verify...

What is a Jack Arch?

A jack arch is an assembly of specially shaped brick used as a decorative accent over windows and doors. They are made to order for each job and usually take several weeks to produce from the ordering date. Jack arches often use a keystone, a decorative triangular shape made from clay, concrete or limestone placed in the center of the jack arch.

Many other specially shaped decorative bricks are used on steps, window, water tables and door sills. Please see our Brick Finder or ...

Mortar Color Selection

Why is mortar color so important?

Mortar represents approximately 20 percent of the total surface of a wall; therefore, the mortar color you choose will be an integral part of your exterior design selections. The most common mortar is called Type-S and is naturally gray in color. Mortar, much like grout for tile, can be tinted to blend or contrast with your brick color(s).

One of the primary ingredients in mortar is sand. The sand color will affect the finished look of your mortar color. Lighter color sands are generally recommended for...

Tumbled Brick

Why is tumbled brick more expensive?

Tumbled brick is one of our more labor intensive brick finishes. We layer on an extra step in the manufacturing process that tumbles the brick so we can create a rustic and multi-dimensional appearance unique to each brick. This process is special because no two bricks will be just alike.

This extra step in production, along with the upscale look and feel, makes this one of our premium brick textures. Much like tumbled tiles or even fabric, for example, the more character, detail and texture found in the...

Brick Finish

What is the difference between sandfaced and tumbled brick?

One of the ways we achieve texture on brick is by adding sand or sawdust to the surface or even tumbling or rumbling the brick. Sandfaced brick is pretty common throughout the industry, and it is simply a brick where sand has been applied to the surface prior to being fired, or as we say it, “baked,” in the kiln to create a sandy texture on the face. It adds depth and richness to the texture of our brick.

Tumbled brick is very special because the beauty of the brick lies in its imperfection...

My brick looks different!

Why does my brick look different than my neighbors, even though it is the same brick?

What a great question! The beauty of having an organic product on your home is that it will vary slightly based on lighting, moisture, mortar color, your paint or cladding accents, and the run of brick. We like to think of brick as an art, not a science, so that means no two runs of brick are exactly alike.