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Pine Forest

A Crisp and Distinctive Cladding Option

by: Allison Hayes, designer

Triangle Brick’s Pine Forest brick is from our Parkway Collection. If you are looking for a warm, neutral-tone brick, this would be a great choice for your next project. I personally like this brick with buff mortar because it blends nicely with the warm tan, ivory, and evergreen tones in this brick.



Introducing the Libby Mill

New in Spring 2016!

By: Allison Hayes, designer

The subtle yet sophisticated color pallet of Triangle Brick’s Libby Mill brick, from the Parkway Collection, features beautiful shades of smoky gray and soft cream that make for gorgeous combinations for any project. This richly-textured and tumbled brick is classified under our Select product tier, providing customers with the highest-quality brick possible. Add a...

In All Shapes and Sizes

Custom brick designs from Triangle Brick

Triangle Brick offers a variety of custom brick shapes and sizes customize your project. We make the shapes by hand in our Merry Oaks, NC and Wadesboro, NC plants. The most common shapes Triangle Brick has are arches, keys, ogee treads and sills, and water tables.


Shown below is a three-course, one-piece jack arch. The jack arch can be custom made to fit the masonry opening including additional courses and pieces....

Triangle Brick Company is BIM ready now offers BIM downloads!

"There are many definitions of Building Information Modelling (BIM), but it is simply the means by which everyone can understand a building through the use of a digital model. Modelling an asset in digital form enables those who interact with the building to optimise their actions, resulting in a greater whole life value for the asset" (, 2015). 

Triangle Brick Company is proud to announce a brand new feature on our website where Autodesk Revit users can...

Brick Finish

What is the difference between sandfaced and tumbled brick?

One of the ways we achieve texture on brick is by adding sand or sawdust to the surface or even tumbling or rumbling the brick. Sandfaced brick is pretty common throughout the industry, and it is simply a brick where sand has been applied to the surface prior to being fired, or as we say it, “baked,” in the kiln to create a sandy texture on the face. It adds depth and richness to the texture of our brick.

Tumbled brick is very special because the beauty of the brick lies in its imperfection...

My brick looks different!

Why does my brick look different than my neighbors, even though it is the same brick?

What a great question! The beauty of having an organic product on your home is that it will vary slightly based on lighting, moisture, mortar color, your paint or cladding accents, and the run of brick. We like to think of brick as an art, not a science, so that means no two runs of brick are exactly alike.

Brick vs. Stone

What is the difference in price between brick and stone?

There is no easy way to answer this question because both stone and brick come in different textures, finishes and colors. The mining and manufacturing requirements for a particular type of brick will most certainly drive the price, and the same is true with stone.

Triangle Brick Company happens to mine their own raw materials for all the brick we make and we manufacture our brick on the same site as the mine. However, stone can vary widely; be sure that when comparing stone to brick that...

The Advantages of Brick

Image. Resale. Low Maintenance.Durable. Efficient.

No other building material can match brick’s classic elegance, high resale value, energy efficiency, durability, low maintenance, and wide variety of available colors and textures:

  • Brick conveys an image of substance and permanence, and it never goes out of style. Many of the world’s most beautiful, enduring and admired homes and other buildings are made of brick.
  • Brick homes have resale values as much as 6 percent higher than those of comparable houses finished with...