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Triangle Brick Company: Product Resources

Over the last 50+ years, Triangle Brick Company has made a name for itself in the exterior cladding and brick industry by offering products unmatched by the competition in terms of quality, consistency, variety, durability and innovation.

All of our bricks are made using repeatable and scientific manufacturing methods, as well as naturally occurring raw materials harvested directly from our mines, located on the premises of our manufacturing locations, in North Carolina. In addition, each Half Pack™ we produce is pre-blended to guarantee the right mix of colors and textures. Combined, this creates a consistent and unparalleled product for use in both residential and commercial building applications.

Brick Locator

Did you know that there are homes and businesses across the United States built with Triangle Brick Company products? Our Brick Locator enables you to browse addresses of and directions to these properties based on brick type — take a look today to find a Triangle Brick-built residential or commercial building near you!

Product Information

Triangle Brick Company products are produced in a variety of styles, colors and finishes. Along with these offerings, are a wide variety of brick sizes. These sizes can be viewed with our product specifications on the Brick Sizes page.

Special Production Bricks

If you are purchasing brick from Triangle Brick Company, please note that some of our products fall under the “special production” category. Terms and conditions may vary, please request additional information from your local sales representative.  The following conditions and restrictions apply to all special production bricks:

  • All special production orders will require an order confirmation.
  • Confirmed special production orders are non-cancellable.
  • Special production item returns are not accepted.

All special production bricks will be indicated as such in our online catalog.

Brick Product FAQs

Click here for Product FAQs.