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Triangle Brick Company: Technical Resources

Triangle Brick Company wants to be your source not only for innovative products but exceptional service, as well.

Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of contractors, builders, distributor partners, and other professionals to provide the technical support they need to ensure the success of their construction project in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, throughout the East Coast, much of the Midwest and as far south west as Texas. 

In addition to these services, we have a deep understanding of product requirements for particular neighborhoods and locales, as well as other technical requirements, including brick specs and material estimates.

How Much Does Brick Cost?

Brick is the single most preferred exterior material across most of the United States. And for good reason. Brick has unlimited design possibilities, brick dramatically increases a home's value, and it outperforms every other exterior building material from a maintenance and an investment viewpoint. Explore the links below to find out how brick stacks up against other cladding choices.

How Much Does Brick Cost?

Brick Maintenance

Brick is extremely popular because of its low maintenance qualities, curb appeal, and proven ability to stand up to the elements. Even though brick is durable and long-lasting, it requires maintenance from time to time. Explore the links below to find out how to clean and maintain brick to keep it looking its best.

Cleaning Brickwork

Causes and Prevention of Efflorescence

ID and Prevention of Stains

Painting Brick Masonry

Maintenance of Brick Masonry

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Builder Notes

We have compiled short technical notes on specific topics related to the construction of residential brick masonry. The Builder Notes are written by the Brick Industry Association and have been designed to be brief and on-point.

Basics of Brick Veneer Construction

Brick for Green and Efficient Homes

Brick Veneer and Flashing

Resisting Water Penetration


Find more up-to-date notes and information on our blog.