Triangle Brick was founded in 1959 in Durham, NC, and our original plant began production in 1960. The company’s history is one of continuing expansion, technological innovation, and an uncompromising commitment to the highest quality products and the best customer service.

Our plants, located in central North Carolina, supply the all-natural clay that we shape into hundreds of million of bricks every year. Triangle Brick’s manufacturing facilities are the cleanest, most technologically advanced, versatile, and efficient in America, crafting brick products that consistently exceed the highest industry standards. Our products are currently supplied to dealers, contractors, and homeowners in thirty-six states.

Triangle Brick founded in Durham, NC.
Production begins at Durham plant.
Durham plant expanded to double original capacity.
Durham facility becomes one of the first fully automated brick plants in the U.S.
New plant constructed in Carpenter, NC.
Triangle Brick purchased by Roeben Tonbaustaffe (, a leading European brick manufacturer with facilities in Germany and Poland. Triangle Brick continues to operate under a local executive team and managers.
New Merry Oaks plant constructed near Moncure, NC.
Merry Oaks plant expanded with the addition of second kiln. It is the most technologically advanced of the time, using automation and computer control to improve the way our brick are crafted, fired, inspected, and delivered.
Original Durham plant phased out of operation.
Construction completed on second plant at Merry Oaks, which features one of the largest kilns ever built in the U.S. and the latest in automation, including two of the highest capacity industrial robots available, which are used in the packaging process.
New plant in Wadesboro, NC, begins production. By mid-year, new plant is at capacity, and all production is sold as it comes off the line. Half Pack™ (application pending) introduced.
Construction completed and production starts at on the second plant at Wadesboro.
Completion of our New state-of-the-art Design Center, Brick Garden, and Headquarters.