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Why Brick?

So, I’m considering brick... Is it worth the investment? Is it green? What are my options?

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Let's look at history.


Chogha Zanbil

As one of the few ziggurats outside of Mesopotamia still in existence, the Chogha Zanbil is constructed of mud brick, baked brick and glazed brick.

Brick age

3,200+ yrs


Roman Colosseum

Crafted in furnaces 50 miles north of Rome, the bricks used to build the Colosseum were shipped across the River Tiber before reaching their final destination.

Brick age

1,900+ yrs



All of the original bricks used in the construction of the Monticello home were manufactured directly on the estate, with local masons handling the brickwork.

Brick age

200+ yrs


These structures have stood the test of time


What Does This Mean For Me?

It’s no secret that brick is durable, but that’s not all brick offers…

1. Brick is safe.

When it comes to building materials, durability and safety should go hand-in-hand — brick offers both benefits.

Hurricane Fire

2. Brick is budget smart.

Brick has unlimited design possibilities, dramatically increases a home’s value and it outperforms every other exterior building material from a maintenance and an investment viewpoint. Learn More

Brick Vinyl Timepiece

3. Brick is eco-friendly.

Not only is brick made from completely natural materials (clay,sand and shale), it’s also a great natural insulator.

Treeline Co2

4. Brick controls sound.

Brick construction uses the same kind of sound control found in recording studios, taking 90 decibel noises down to just 30.


5. Brick controls moisture.

According to the National Association of Home Builders' Research Center, brick is the best building material for moisture control.


Se we've established that brick is cool. See why brick from Triangle Brick is even cooler.

We innovate.

Between our Half Pack™ Technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, we’re changing the way bricks are made.

Half Pack Kiln

Community driven, national scope.

While our bricks are locally mined and manufactured on-site at each of our plant locations, they are available at distribution points throughout the United States. And to better serve our customers, we are expanding production into a new geography. Beginning in early 2016, our newest addition, the Clay County Plant, will begin production in Henrietta, Texas.


We are efficient.

We utilize the most advanced technology and manufacturing methods in the industry so we may consistently provide high-quality brick to our customers when they need it.


We are prepared.

Long story short, we produce a lot of brick and can provide high quality, consistent and durable products when and where you need them. From long-range planning to ordering on the fly, we’ll be ready when you are.

Neon Always Cubes

You have options.

Brick Sizes

Whatever brick size your project calls for, we’ve got you covered.

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